Poker Saloon's Getting Started page has everything you need to know to begin Gambling Online.

Poker Saloon's Getting Started page contains information on everything you need to know to begin Gambling Online from How to Download to How to Cash in.


Your Step-by-Step guide on getting started with Online Gambling

How to Download

Once you have chosen a casino you wish to play at simply click on the "Download" button to start downloading the FREE software.

A page will emerge which informs you that your "Download will start shortly"

Once the download commences then an indicator will appear that shows the downloads development.

How to install

Following the downloads completion you are then required to install the software while staying connected to the internet.

A box emerges stating "Initialising Wise Installation Wizard"

A box called "Install Wizard" will show up to help guide you through the step-by-step installation process.

Click the "Next" button 4 times, and then the "Finish" button.

A box will appear showing the development of the installation in percentages.

A box informing you of the casinos success in installation will appear, you then need to click "OK".

The casino software will open and you can then register your account.

How to open an account

You will see the "Online Registration Wizard"

Decide whether you wish to play for fun with a Guest Account or for real money in a Real Account.

Depending on the decision you need to select the chosen option and fill in a questionnaire online.

Once you have done that then a box will appear stating "Registration Complete". You will then be given an account number and password which you need to keep in a safe place.

How to make a purchase

If your decision was to play the Real Account option you are required to make a purchase to continue.

"You currently have no credits to play with" box will appear. "Would you like to go to banking to purchase credits?". Choose the "Yes" option.

You will now be at the "Banking Menu".

In the "Banking Menu" choose the "Add credit card / Neteller etc"

Fill in the "Personal Billing Details" questionnaire. When you have completed this questionnaire a box then comes to view on the screen informing you that "Your card has been successfully registered at the Casino".

The limit of your card will then display.

The arrow seen on the left of your card number is there for you to decide on an amount you would like to purchase.

Click on the "Yes" or "No" button to verify your purchase amount.

A box stating "Please wait…purchase pending" will appear.

An "Online Banking Box" will show "Your purchase has been approved "

Exit banking and return to the casino to begin playing! Best of Luck!

How to play

To begin playing Online you simply need to go to the casino menu and press the button of the game of your choice.

A box named "Starting Module" will come up which indicates the download progression of the game.

It will only take a couple of seconds if it is not your first time of opening the software.

If however it is your first time of opening the software you will see that below each game button the white text stating "Click to Download" can be seen. Click this button to enable the games downloading progress. A "Starting Module" will indicate the downloads development.

When you are busy playing your chosen game, the games that remain will download in the background and will be ready for you to play by the time you have completed the current game.

How to log on

You will see the software from your desktop.

You will see the casinos icon which you need to double click to open the software.

The software will launch and the Casino’s logo will be seen which informs you "Loading software…Please be patient"

Click on the "Connect" button and enter your password and account number.

How to cash-in

When you select the "Bank" button you must click the "Banking Menu" and then the "Cash-in" option.

Make a decision on an amount you would like to cash in and then verify this amount by choosing either the "Yes" or "No" button.

You will be informed that your cash-in is being processed. Mobile Casino - Play Anywhere - Anytime!

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Last Updated 03 August 2013
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