Hesitation Station

Poker is a game of constant decision-making. In fact there are so many decisions to be made in poker that the game should be used to aid businesses become better at making them!

When you are faced with a decision the natural human response is to take some time before reacting one way or another. The truly great and clever players may act very quickly, so quickly in fact that you may not believe they are even thinking. Rest assured these players are, but they have already thought several moves ahead.

But we are not all superhuman players and instead, in the main, the large majority of us are just pretty average. So for the average populus, we need to learn to hesitate properly. Poker is a game of partial information and you need to try your best to search for any further bits of information so you can make the best decision possible. This is especially true in Omaha poker, when you hesitate you are giving away information and when an opponent hesitates they are giving you information.

When you are learning how to play poker, pay attention at the table to the other players and ask yourself what their hesitations mean. Likewise study yourself and if you are hesitating ask yourself why? You want to make sure that your real hesitations and your fake hesitations are so alike that even he highly trained poker eye will miss it. Also learn to control your hesitations by speeding up your decisions. Why did you hesitate? Was it because you did not understand the correct math? Then learn to improve that area of your game.

Learning to spot hesitation can become such an art form that you even sense it without physically noticing it.


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