How to Play Video Poker

Video Poker odds and basics, learn how to play and check the important strategies, play progressive video poker and win large.

Video Poker Rules and Odds

How to Play Video PokerVideo Poker is an analogue of casino draw poker. The machines work on a number generator and do not feature any winning patterns as all the cards are dealt randomly. Video Poker is one of the games that depend on a players’ skill and the end result of the games depends totally on the players strategy. Players can easily download and play video poker from a trusted casino web-site and enjoy single line or multiline versions with Progressive Jackpots. Players will not only win the fixed sums of money but will also be rewarded with the large constantly growing Progressive Jackpot.

Video Poker - How to Play?

Microgaming Best Penny SlotsYour main goal as a player is to get a five-card poker hand with a winning combination. The higher your hand, the bigger the payout. To start playing, make a bet and then click the Deal Button. The machine will open 5 randomly-assigned cards and the player can hold those cards that constitute a paying combination and replace the side cards once. After a player has replaced the side cards he will know what his total winnings are. If a player landed up having a higher hand after replacing the previous cards then the winnings will be greater. If the replaced cards did not help a player form a new winning combo, he will collect his prize for the initial combination. Players should never discard a paying combination expecting to get a higher one and also never keep useless side cards even if they are of a high rank. The used cards are returned to the decks and shuffled after each round. There are a few types of US welcome video poker games and all of them have slightly different rules such as Joker Poker. The Joker is wild and this card can substitute for any other card to complete a winning combination. Players must remember to never discard a wild card as it increases a players winning odds considerably.

Video Poker Gamble Feature

Once a player has won a hand, he will be made an offered to double or collect his winnings. There will be 5 cards shown on the screen, 4 of them face down and 1 card will be face up. The players needs to click on a card of a higher value. If the player is lucky enough, his winnings will be doubled. Should the player not be successful he can continue with the game. Play Video Poker and use simple strategies and take your time. Gamblers can also play Video Poker with Progressive Jackpots where not only fixed sums of money can be won, but also the large constantly growing Progressive Jackpot itself. The Progressive Jackpot hits at random and does not depend on a players' bets or performance.

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